Flowers and a Little Reflection

I know I promised a post on how I decorate around the house with flowers weeks ago, but then I got some scary news about my grandmother’s health and put everything on pause. She’s the one who always had flowers at home and inspired me to do the same with my home. It’s strange to feel so vulnerable. I’m so used to always having a solution or a plan. Now, I find myself just waiting on a solution from her doctors and it’s a hard place for me to find myself in. But, here’s a tribute to my grandma and the beautiful flowers she’s always inspired me to keep around the house.


I have two preferred places for flowers, the entry way and the coffee table. This is entirely because our apartment is set up so that I pass by the entry often and sit in front of the coffee table a lot. I think that if I sat at my dining room table more often or used my desk instead of the couch I would prefer flowers in those two places.


For me the joy of flowers is not only in being able to have them around and appreciate them, but also in arranging them. When arranging flowers I try to think about height and color. If I’m just arranging in a vase I place my greens in first, in order to create a net of sorts to arrange my flowers in. Some people use floral tape for this, but I haven’t had success with that method. If I’m going for a hand tied bouquet I’ll typically put the greens and filler in the center instead.


My grandmother’s health scare has really put life into perspective for me. I’m trying to live intentionally, eat healthy, exercise, and work for the sake of loving what I do. In the next couple of days I will post a meal plan and my current exercise routine for the sake of accountability. I know resolutions are typically for the New Year, but I have a birthday coming up soon anyway, so here’s to another year for me, thoughtfully lived.


These were a farmers market find. They added a fun pop of color to my dining room. 


I found this fun bouquet at Trader Joe’s. I really loved the different heights.


Peonies in the entry! I love peonies.


I ended up needing to use a rubberband on this arrangement because the hydrangea were too heavy for the open mouth of the vase. Going forward I will be putting hydrangea in a more narrow vase.


These centerpieces were hand tied, you can see how I put the greens and filler at the center.


I loved this bowl of tea roses with the greens collar. Simple but elegant, for the one surface in my home I seem to not clutter too much.


With these flowers, I thought about the flower type and color scheme and took a color blocking approach.


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