Creating the Perfect Entry

I love my new entry, but it was definitely a point of contention between the husband and me. He likes open spaces and doesn’t care what things look like as long as his 6’3” frame is unlikely to bump into it. I, on the other hand, want everything to look like a magazine.


At the end of the day—or six weeks, if we’re being honest—I finally convinced him that a “landing shelf” would be the perfect compromise between his desire for space and my desire for beauty. Behold:



IKEA Ekby, Century 21, Kate Spade, Michaels, Artwork by friend



Key hook from HomeGoods


After much agonizing, I thought I’d share how I made my space work. Here are my tips on how to make your entryway perfect.


  1. Measure


Our little hallway measures just over three feet, 36 ¾” to be exact. As someone who was hoping to fit an electric piano in that space, I was sorely disappointed when I first saw our place completed. But, I try to find the silver lining in everything, so I fitted the hallway with a pretty shelf instead. Three feet is too narrow for a full 15” console table, so we went with the IKEA Ekby shelf instead. At a mere 11”, 12” if you count the brackets, it leaves plenty of room to walk around and gives us drawer storage too!


  1. Think about color


Our walls are white, which I think makes our small space feel a little bigger. The Ekby matches our walls and the black brackets are a perfect match in a neutral, color-blocking manner. It gives us the opportunity to play with color on top, and display some artwork as well.


  1. Make it practical


This shelf acts as our landing strip, and our “don’t forget me” strip. We added hooks for keys, and a basket for our work bags underneath. I frequently leave reminders for my husband on top, or just items he needs to take with him in the morning. Underneath, I keep the step stool I need for reaching the high up things in my apartment (more on that later), as well as our umbrella stand.


  1. Welcome home


Last weekend we had a belated Mother’s Day brunch with both of our moms. It was the first time either of them would see our apartment with mostly clear floors and our decorations up. I wanted our entry to be welcoming so I sent the husband out for flowers. I’m not a florist, but I know that a single bunch of one type of flower always looks classy. The flowers looked beautiful and gave the entry the last pop of color it needed.


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