New Kitchen, New Me

Moving into a new apartment has been hectic! It finally feels like everything’s coming together now that our kitchen has some finishing touches.

The kitchen was originally more of a “kitchenette.” While it is equipped with full sized appliances, a plus for New York City, all of the storage space is on one wall and high up. It just wasn’t working for a short girl like me. My solution was to install open shelving on the blank wall with a kitchen cart underneath. It looks great and adds much needed reachable storage, making my kitchen something I can work with and enjoy looking at.

We got the shelves from IKEA. IKEA sells them as a part of their “open kitchen” system, and recommends you have professionals install them. To me, it seemed silly to call up my handyman who charges hundreds of dollars a day to put up a set of $40 shelves. So I asked my grandfather, who worked as a building superintendent and handyman for 40 years, for his advice. Despite our move into a building built in 1929, our unit was recently remodeled and the interior walls are drywall over metal studs—unevenly spaced metal studs. His recommendation was to use toggle bolts to secure the shelves. Despite some struggle with the correct drill bit size, we succeeded in the end. The shelves are still up a week later and I love how they came out!


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